About ShuleBora Software

It is developed for perfect use in Primary schools, secondary schools and post secondary learning institutions. We customize it to work in any setup to fit the users' needs.
It is an easy to use, integrated student management system with the following modules:

Student Register

Register new students, move from class to class, terminate, re-enroll etc.

Student Finance

Fee payment, debiting student accounts, generate fee statements, detailed reports such as fee arrears report


Grading of marks, automatic ranking, report forms, comprehensive performance analysis

SMS Module

Send SMS to guardians. Communicate info such as fee arrears, exam results, student performance etc.


Books inventory, loaning out and returning of books, comprehensive reports

Report Builder

Have the control! Build your own reports the way you want


Below are some of the screenshots from the software. A document listing more features is available here

Why choose ShuleBora?

Very easy to use

It is design to ensure that it is highly usable. Most users are able to figure out what they need to do without undergoing any training

Fully Integrated

The system currently has six modules that are fully integrated together, thus once a student is registered, he/she can receive services from all the other modules instantly

Fully customizable

The system is highly configurable, having a detailed configuration module enabling users to set up the nity grities of the system

Developed by proffesionals

The development team is composed of people of diverse skills including educationists, thus ensuring that the software is upto standards.

Easy to set up

Code has been build in to the software that enables automatic set up. This therefore minimises the steps that a person will be involved in while setting up the software


The system is very affordable. Further to that, each module is priced separately aand therefore a school can pay for the modules they need only, and acquire the rest later


Please download the Demo version of the software from the following links.

ShuleBora need Microsoft SQLServer software, and .NET Framework 4 to run. Please download them from the links below and install them first before installing ShuleBora

1. Microsoft SQLServer: Download here

2. .NET Framework 4: Download here

3. ShuleBora Software: Download here

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Hardware requirements: RAM 1GB and above, Processor 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, Harddisk 2GB or more, .NET 3.5


NOTE: You get a discounted price if you are acquiring multiple modules.

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